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Sep 22, 2008

Post-Blog Awards 2008.

09.22.2008 - Arrving late and missing Mister Palengke himself Mar Roxas, who delivered a speech to open this year's Blog Awards. Not to be able to doodle stuff with the WeeWillDoodle gang, but I never missed the FREE food. Just like Mach Diesel once said food taste even better when its FREE.

So this is how the Blog Awards unfold just like the same experience with the Web Awards I attended some years back. But I'm still getting to learn about the culture. Because these bloggers have each unique passion and talents that they can express. Unlike the forum communities I hang out with regards to my hobbies. Blogging is a different level of expressing once passion for anything.

Finally see how this event happen and would like to thank my friends for keeping posted. I can't even imagine being a blogger for the past four years has gave a lesson, and for those who missed the event see a few of the photos.

Not to mention winning something in the raffle felt a little bit awkward but its all very good.

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