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09.18.2008 - Finally got home from an event that we won't recommend anymore or shall we say the venue itself. The event was the very first Playboy magazine autograph signing.

Now as I recall months ago me & Azrael had the chance to speak with the big wigs who publish there magazine. Giving us the access to cover Playboy magazine events. Unfortunately I guess they need to make sure there reader's gets a proper treatment. It felt like being harassed by the bouncers of the venue because of there uber strict house rules

Turns out Warehouse 135 is very strict on there rules applies when its about bringing any high powered version camera to there venue. Not even a point & shoot camera is allowed. But what are those people inside brandishing there digital SLR cameras?

Well there must be some sort of politics happening in there when one bouncer really had to wave his huge arm in our faces, while these other people get to have a snapshot of this month's cover girl.

Looks like Playboy gets there first BIG mistake. I was sending text messages to Azrael during the course of the event.

Sadly for the reason why Warehouse 135 has a knack for no camera policy and gets people not to go to that place. I highly NOT recommend that too. Same with Playboy they have inconsistent information to there readers, that YES we are allowed to bring cameras.

Turns out they never even think or ask if that concerns the staff of Playboy even though they have a good presentation but lack on customer service.

If they where taking calls and I was the Q/A Analyst I should give them unsatisfactory grade for Needs Improvement.

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azrael said...

WASAK !!!!

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