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09.20.2008 - Nearly 12 hours ago on the way home just got the chance to do another toy photography shoot nearby underneath a walkway. Well it was at 3AM and decided to stop for a break from walking, since there wasn't any jeepney traveling from Edsa I decided to walk. Of course had to buy something to eat while I'm at it.

Got myself one of those Voltron lions from Jollibee Kiddie Meal. It was a quick impromptu toy shoot using Legendary Comic Book Heroes Savage Dragon action figure, which I really intended to take its picture on my way to Ortigas. But due to bad weather I felt that maybe there's another day for it. I guess that another day will be just a few hours.

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Using a point & shoot camera will do just fine. So I still got my Canon Powershot A430 set it to macro, but when taking close ups I set it to super macro mode.

Of course if your doing toy photography capture it in natural lighting. Because using a flash is no longer Toy Photography.

See the image above how it looked like...


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