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Sep 6, 2008

Outside The Fence.

09.06.2008 - Events happening from last night's San Miguel Beer Oktoberfest Fest kick off has been what shall we say a poor preparation for the event. A lot of people where expecting and paid for it. Due to a huge turn out there's so many people had gone home disappointed. Poorly organized to the point they should have limit the tickets.

There was a preparation to beat the Guinness Book of Records for the longest bar, but they also had put up a record for too many disappointed and unhappy patrons unable to experience what others had paid for. So many factors no need to be told in detail.

Just a poor showing for the organizers to capture everyone's attention. This experience might not happen again next year as expectation wont be as big as will it ever be.

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azrael said...

ehhehe..late ka kasi e...

sayang..saya pa naman sa loob

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