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08.09.2008 - Consider this after being into three places I'm still getting the hang over on the last one. Going home at 3AM and I'm not even drunk. The FHM signing of Krista Ranillo. Then follow-up going to Buhay Coke Bloggers Party which I came late with Mach Diesel and high school buddy Vince. After the long travel from Ortigas we came up short to witness Azrael's surprise winning the big TV.

After all the hooplas we went to Godskitchen Featuring Super8 & Tab. I'm not a fan of the local party scene, but based on my experience going in there as VIP thanks to Azrael and Spot.Ph for the tickets. We got into scene with hot scintillating bodies grinding left to right.

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Its hard when you felt under dressed for the occasion coming from one event after another I wasn't prepared to be part of this year's Gods Kitchen. There's too many stories to tell I leave it at that.

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Gie said...

i was there!

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