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Aug 17, 2008

Saturday Ventures.

08.17.2008 - Saturday. The best of the day where your not working or just bumming. But yesterday was a lot of adventure and things in-between. I could have told you the whole story but I don't want to get down with too much details...

First off Mach Diesel has ten days to do everything namely get things packed and ready. He's going back to the city of angels on the 26th. So for the next nine days or so things are going to be tight. So we decided to take him to his favorite place in the world-- Divisoria.

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Shameless that I have to be the one who's late to arrive. But none the less we got what we came for. Looking for bootleg or fake toys. Looking around very hilarious trip and I'm sure he'll miss the place. After a hours we went back to Ayala had lunch at Avaneto with Arlene (Mach's best girl). I was with Mr. Heer0san the rest of the guys Vince and Nick to attend there personal stuff.

Taking the bus ride back to Ortigas was a quick one. Mach & Arlene went down Megamall. I went straight ahead Robinsons Galleria. I finally caught up with Gentle Jazz Diva Olivia already performing. I got to talk to the Sittizens the people I met when Sitti Navarro was starting the Bossa craze some two years ago.

Its catching up with old school buddies and its kinda awkward though. Olivia's charmingly friendly and she was an instant buddy. Though I have to leave them as I had to pick my comics.

Though it took me more hours up to closing time of the store just hanging out with close friends. I met Jiggy Aquino by chance the grandson of the former President. He was actually a comic book reader had a good conversation. He's putting up a book and just like I mentioned previously its for charity.

After all the hours there have to go home and leave my other stuff. Catching up with Olivia again at Ardi's Bar for her 2nd and last set of her performance.

Nigh cap and here is Sunday just bumming again.

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