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08.02.2008 - Finally! Its done and the long sleeps of promoting LEGO's Home Building Competition just recently wrapped up with less fire works. As my good friend Mach Diesel would just shrug his shoulders and say he's not too excited. Well for its another LEGO event for the Philippine Bricksters, but here's hoping there's a competition for adults next year.

I guess that's over and done with the LEGO event as the lucky kid gets to travel to Denmark's LEGO LAND. But theres more pocket events gonna happen anytime soon. I'm sure in the next few days I'll get my LEGO stuff replenished, which definitely in need of some creativity.

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Moving along after the event I went to catch up with close friends at Comic Odyssey, and my reserved bulk of comic books that's been in storage. I mainly trimming out some books out like Amazing Spider-Man. Things weren't pretty after the Brand New Day saga. I get three issues a month on old web head and It ends with Kraven's Hunt story arc. Because Final Crisis is in full swing same with Batman R.I.P just need one more title to get off my back.

I guess that's it for now Sunday in a few minutes hopefully weather's gonna be all fine. Here's hoping though.

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