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Aug 13, 2008

Being Playboy-ish.

08.13.2008 - Last Sunday on the way to watch Zohan I decidedly pick an issue of the local Playboy magazine. Actually its the June 2008 issue and currently I haven't gotten the most recent ones. The second issue I got was given to me by the publishers of Playboy themselves to promote the magazine. Thanks to a friend who invited me to join him in his trek to the office.

Well as far as I'm a few issues behind there really picking up steam with regard to content and quality of the magazine. I'm sure the conservative groups and the catholic church are still keeping an eye on this magazine.

I know we are a very conservative country, but times change sometimes approaching these magazines as matured adults won't change our views being a conservative country.

Because it is Playboy and it had a reputation what about FHM?

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