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05.04.2008 - If there's any indication that you missed this year's Free Comic Book Day that means you might be living in a rock somewhere, where nobody can find you. It was all over the news and it was the most awaited event, since Comic Odyssey started participating here in the Philippines in 2007.

They've been doing this since its inception in 2002, where they have two branches in the US at Pasadena and San Diego. So if you weren't aware of this event maybe you should read about it here...

(Please CLICK on the title for the full article)

As early as 10AM in the morning the crowd had formed a line way beyond the eye could see. There was also a set up on UStream, where the event will be live online for the viewers to see. Not to mention those who where living in a rock, and for those stuck somewhere where no man has gone before.

It was a festive sight to behold like a movies house packed, but this time they're handing out FREE COMICS. Yes your reading the word FREE several times, and people still worry what's the next catch.

Everything was all green go when they have announced, that they will start distributing comics. At the same time the guest comic book artist Gerry Alanguilan and Ed Tadeo would start sketching, which also includes signing comics too.

Familiar faces where up and about. Most notably people I knew from online forums and affiliated with toy collecting groups.

This was the day Iron Man was shown in theaters, and I heard it was a blockbuster extravagant. The Comic Odyssey staff dressed in FCBD shirts are stuff to be envy getting at least a shirt as a souvenir must be heavenly.

The only thing that must have struck the crowd in the line was a strange bald man in a black shirt and in shorts.

He was parading and doing obnoxious poses, that really made some people felt bothered. This year must be a colorful time to celebrate free comic book day.

Not that the man was obscene it was the best year to date as other comic shops participated as well.
For those who missed this year's FCBD 2008, there will be another one happening in two weeks by another store.

Moving ahead always remember that FREE COMIC BOOK DAY happens every first Saturday or May, and that really is a fact aside from that strange bald today.

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