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Jun 27, 2007

The Animated Movie.

06.27.2007 - The week is not complete with a big countdown to the biggest movie of 2007. TransFormers is coming out in less than 24 hours as the Philippines is one of the first countries to see this big budget live-action flick directed by Michael Bay. As a fan of the original cartoon you can't stop as you remember the good old days.

Eleven years has passed and people still talk about it. Controversial or not you won't stop forgetting those memorable movie lines from the animated movie that was shown way back in 1986. Thanks to reliable Ryan for getting this TransFormers The Movie: The 20th Anniversary Special Edition. Straight from California to Manila this DVD packs special features and goodies. Just got it during the eve of ToyCon 2007's preview night. The review is coming upi so stay tuned.

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