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May 3, 2007

XX2: Spider-Man Day.

05.03.2007 - Siper-Man 3 premiered on May 1st. The Philippine Labor Day attracting movie goers all over metro Manila. In one theater such as Shangri-La Mall all six of there cinema's have all been scheduled and booked to one movie. This also prompted the same situation with SM Megamall where all twelve of there cinemas have been packed. In Shangri-La all scheduled screenings up to the last that ended at 1:30AM have some reserved four days prior to the premiere day.

The movie will be a definite hit and can't wait for a next few days for the movie goers to trim down. So far this is a first for a movie to be shown covering all movie theaters. Are we going to see this as a trend for big movies? Who can't wait to see the live action TransFormers movie?

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