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May 22, 2007

III: Set Me Apart.

05.22.2007 - Set Me Apart single by Pupil was accepted with awe as the the Animax most successful launch for there music video promoting Asia's Anime channel. Celebrities and friends of the band was there to support the event. The video will be seen on Animax channel 46 for SkyCable on June 8th, and here's the lyrics of the song...

Don't get lost
Stay on track
Win of Lose
I've got your back

State your name
Roger that
Leave a message
Don't self destruct

Set us free
Let me be
Set me free
Let us be

No one can stop us now
No matter where or how
I'll make a change
This Is My Time
That's where I'm going
To the top
The cream of the crop
Yeah yeah

I'm gonna be All I can be
Set Me Apart

Animax, My Sanctuary
A place to be free
A place to see
A place to be me

In this otherworldly place
No need to change your face
And I won't hesitate
To seek my mystic fate

I'm gonna be All I can be
Set Me Apart

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