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03.12.2007 - This year I stopped reading FHM after a two year straight monthly read of the magazine. Its not that its eating my shelf space, and I really appreciate each issue that came out. Well with the exception of March 2007, because Angelica Panganiban was on the cover. I thought Maxim last year was better as it released its premiere issue. Sadly the autograph signing was not what to expect last Sunday. The organizers should learn to practice customer service.

They should stick to there announcements regarding time frame for the autograph signing. Unfortunately she didn't last up to 7:30PM, and the actress seems in distress not to accommodate all her fans. As she was whisked away without any notice. Its not a good sign for those who where expecting of her. Apologies are unacceptable just to get everyone's attention. The organizer should be consistent on how they handle the situation. Well enough banter already and check out couple of those photos taken that day HERE.

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