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02.16.2007 - The Care Bears has been one of the 80s pop culture. For every kid who grew up watching it on IBC channel 13 at 6PM in the afternoon way back it was always a treat.

These days plushies in small to large sizes has been out since 2005. Every kid had a favorite Care Bear. Well with regard to my personality I liked Grumpy Bear.

He's quite different from any of those fun-loving bears. That's why he's keeping my plushie Lightning McQueen company.

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Heffer Wolfe said...

di naman niya kamukha si grumpy bear e. favorite ko rin yun kaya lang ang layo niya kay grumpy bear. dark blue siya and nakakunot ang noo at saka walang heart icons si GB sa chest nya. Waaaaaaaaahhh!!! BOOOOO!!!!

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