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Sep 28, 2006

Bad Weather Day.

A wall made of styro.09.28.2006 - The huge storm was coming early Wednesday morning. The biggest and strongest so far. Milenyo (International name Xangshane) has been wreaking havoc on populated areas. The city wasn't spared and there was reports a guard house went flying. Would you believe a wall in one of the biggest contact centers in the vicinity scratched off like it was paper?

It would be a shock to say it was coated with styrofoam instead of actual cement. Quite embarrassing don't you think? There where trees all over the streets and flying debris where all over the plays. Power went down for almost of the day in some areas I believe there was not even water supply.

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The whole day was difficult, that there are no lights in some areas. People from contact centers where stranded for most of the day. There where not much public utility vehicles like jeepneys, buses, and taxi cabs around to transport people to their homes. The underpass where using emergency lights, and some of the fast food restaurants where closed.

... More damages.
Flying guard house?

For more of the day Milenyo ravaged the metropolis. Packing at almost 270 kph who would have thought this storm was strong, and radio reports where giving inaccurate data. Online it was a different story, but much of it was the same where all the news is available.

By late afternoon the weather has left the country, and left an enormous damage. I hope everyone was safe and dry today, because we got more tropical storms coming soon.

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