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07.04.2006 - Today's July 4th and that means celebrating american independence day. Quite suprise for me to also get caught with my own suprise comic strip courtesy of my friend Lyndon Gregorio. You really got me there. Thanks Lyndon!

I'm Beerkad-ized Again.
See the comic strip at LARGE.

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chompy said...

Did you like it? Sayang di tayo nag-abot dun sa birthday ni az (also thankful at the same time kasi di mo na-harrass si L.) :p

See you soon! ;)

MC said...

I'm quite of scratching my head of and wondering about that particular strip. Azrael was describing it, but I didn't get it until I saw the link. Tell L thanks for the surprise. I hope to see you guys soon.

Uhh... I've never do such a thing. LOL! :D

chompy said...

alam naman namin, pero knowing you as a transformers fan.. :D alam mo naman how kengkpy the group gets every friday, thinking of alternate realities. :D you should really join us minsan sa friday nights. ;)

MC said...

My friday nights are tied up to "work nights." I might get a free one sometime this month.
You'll never know.

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