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Jun 7, 2006

The Tavern Hideaway.

06.07.2006 - Bossa Manila's New "IT" Girl Sitti Starts the month of June 2006 a relaxing Tuesday night at Tavern on the Square with her family as her audience watching a her last night was a breeze. I thought I'll get the chance to see the rest of the SITTIzens from the forums, but I was there on my own sipping ice tea when I started her second set.

Sitti performs at Tavern Tuesday nights!

I was just around the area enjoying my Tuesday day-off from work, and was hanging around playing at Timezone. I wasn't planning to stay longer though, but I decided to stay besides making a favor to a relative who came from the states. Getting a signed copy of Cafe Bossa CD specially dedicated by Sitti herself. Check out last night's gig right HERE.

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