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05.20.2006 - Bossa Manila's New "IT" Girl Sitti was sizzling hot last night at Ortigas Park to promote the Gold album Cafe Bossa. Singing some of the tracks from her debut album. The event was hosted by Kelly also brought to you by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. In cooperation with Magic 89.9 FM launching Cafe Bossa to new heights.

This will get your attention.

Sitti also performed some fo the songs not included in her album like Saranggola Ni Pepe, Waters of March, and some pop songs turned into Bossa Nova renditions. After the event she continued her performance back at Stone House, where you can catch her Mondays and Fridays. The SITTIzens, where in full force that night up to her gig at Stone House. For more coverage at Ortigas Park see the photos HERE.

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~*galenlondeien*~ said...

I haven't seen her perform but she is really pretty huh?

MC said...

Yes she really is pretty.

A lot fo guys just melts away with her voice.

I'm glad I'm not one of them, because she's already my friend.

The best talaga si Katre. :)

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