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03.24.2006 - Two days ago I was on my way back home. I've been hearing raves reviews about a local jazz artist in the metro. I haven't heard a good music, since the japanese band Core Of Soul came to Manila a few weeks ago. They remind me of Dreams Comes True with a jazz musinc theme having influenced by Ella Fitzgerald.

Sitti Cafe Bossa

This time around our local jazz might not be that big of a strong following, but Sitti Navarro made that difference. I got her CD and was listening to it for the past few days besides Bamboo latest album that I got two months ago. I can't help that the songs where Tattoed on my mind, that I'm currently getting them converted from iRiver mp3 player. Well here's the songs on the list...

girl from ipanema
tattoed on my mind
at 17
hey look at the sun
i didn't know i was looking for love
invisible war
one note samba
soft melody
you on my mind
lost in space
lady wants to know
close to you - half a minute
samba song
mas que nada
fly me to the moon
para sa akin

For more of Sitti log on to her website at: http://www.stonehouse.ph/sitti

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