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01.28.2006 - Monsteriffic! The RX Stick-On held at the deck parking lot of Robinsons Galleria was another success! The RX jocks was there to monsterized each passing vehicle from 10AM to 6PM live on-air. Although we didn't stayed that long no came as early as 10AM, but we where there to just to hang-out with the air staff.

The event won't go without a hitch along the way. Supah Sarah causing traffic along the deck parking lot. Gelli Victor handing out free candies and stickers, and Sonia was just about eveywhere. Chico and Deli came mid-afternoon talking to the rx staff. While the other RX jocks Boom, Tom Alvarez, and the rest monsterized almost all the incoming vehicles. Well the event's only small accident there was a vehicle hitting another one from another lane. Causing small traffic and few people getting there attention. The weird thing is Supah Sarah was near the area when that happened, but it was the driver's fault not stopping at the exact drop-off point. It hit a car behind that's follwing the vehicle.

Going back to the event one of the rx staff gets wet from DJ Jose's water spray. After that an exchange of water squirting from Boom and Tom Alvarez erupts. We stayed there for more than an hour, but actually left after Gelli Victor and Jude Rocha's on-air partner. There the next set of jocks to go on-air in a few minutes. JoeShred and yours trully head out to Greenhills. Gallery of photos are now up and ready for viewing HERE.

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