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Jan 1, 2006

New Year Reflections

01.01.2006 - A new year. What remains froom last night's explosions and fireworks was one quite holiday season to end with a bang. Well for some they end with a different kind of banging just wait for it in nine months. Seriously this year wasn't that much loud compared to the end of 2004. There was fireworks and parties just like the one made in Ayala. I remember having partied and got home at the nick of time for the food and wine.

G2: Games & Gadgets with Artists Den.

This year the business district of Ayala is quiet. Pretty much the normal day I see everyday. I went on my last day grocery shopping yesterday carrying three bags of food and drinks. Mostly some of them are cereals that I usually eat in the morning. I didn't take a cab that night, and took the jeepney instead.

Toy Con 2005 was successful again.

Honestly I tell you there's going to be a alot of events happening out there waiting to happen. Last year alone I had so many plans to attend, but work schedules permits me to attend. My good buddy JoeShred was inviting me to join RX93.1's new year party, but begged off since my shift. I also missed hanging out with the Artists Den people since the G2: Games & Gadgets last year. I was kept from my work, but managed to see them from time to time. Komikon was big last year when it came out, and New Worlds continued to sizzle. I can say some of the events rocked especially Toy Con 2005.

New Worlds 2005 was BIG.

This year there's more of that and new events to come. I can't say I won't be tied down that much among other things. My good buddy Azrael is one guy, who never miss an event except being busy "among other things". This guy rocked 2005 and he will still continue with or without "the shocks". So hold on tight as the year 2006 rolls over and amaze you.

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