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10.29.2005 - Although I lost my voice during the weekends, and permitted me to attend the recent Komikon 2005. I grabbed this opportunity in attending the 10th anniversary of Radio1. Actually it was my friend Joeshred, who mentioned that he's interested in attending the event.

Papa Smurf speaks!

The party started with the AVP collections of photos and videos. Then the the band performances by Bitter Pill with manager Quark Henares and Rivermaya. Well its been ten years and the last time I went on-air was way back on April 1999. Its been six years since my exit from the show, and radio broadcasting.

Me and Francesca

I've admit that I missed it and its a very long time since then. Unfortunately RG wasn't able to go, but my former colleagues where there like Boom Gonzales, Monica "Francesca" Tobias, Private Ryan Flores, and the former trainers of Radio1. Who would forget Mike Gomez and Papa Smurf-- err Koji Morales now known as Joe Spinner. To re-live more of Radio1 go to the Primetime Jam website link HERE for more photos.

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