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I got Number Six... 07.12.2005 - I survived the Neil Gaiman experience and nothing beats lining up as early as 5AM to be number six.

A promise to a friend...

I promised Ariel Atienza to accompany him to the book signing and dared him to go as early as 4AM, but that changed when I met him by 5AM got up to Shaw Boulevard MRT station which opened by 5:30AM.

Lining up as early at 5AM was the first for me, and I thought it only happens in the US like the one way back in May when Episode III came out. Now I'm living one of those experience as one of the few who dared to be there. Ariel was still sleepy but it was a good thing both of us had early 4AM breakfast. I got microwave left over pizza and salad to eat before I took this trip.

Neil Gaiman & Arnold Arre

Arriving at 5:45AM we where expecting the worse that maybe fifty people would be there, but to our surprise there where only four people who got ahead of us. I was the sixth person and by 7AM a huge line started forming. Nelz Yumul one of my colleagues at Artists' Den was lucky enough to be there, besides that he had bad experiences in those two previous days. Camy Francisco arrived early after being sick previously.

We met a lot of people in the line most of them where serious comic book collectors and fans. It was so surreal and I guess Fully booked assumed that there where few Neil Gaiman fans, but that changed when he started signing autographs since last Saturday.

During lunch time people has started to line-up outside Gateway Mall. Approximately people where lining up way past Goldilocks at Aurora Boulevard. Syeri Baet (Car Pool) and his boyfriend Jon arrived at 10AM and was standing in line at the groud floor. Patrick came not to get his stuff signed because he already have since Saturday, and he replaced Lyndon Gregorio from Sunday's book signing as the "critic guy."

Neil Gaiman arrives...

Camy left for the Writer's Guild where Neil Gaiman will be special guest at the Music Museum. The crowd has already have grown in numbers waiting for the guy in black. I myself cant imagine how phenomenal this event was for the past few days and it will really leave me believing more.

Neil Gaiman gets stunned by Camy's artwork and hugs her after this photo...

As the line goes Neil Gaiman arrives but during those minutes before we came, one of our local Filipino comic book artists got a chance to talk to Mr. Gaiman himself. Arnold Arre had a rare moment inside the Washroom when he accidentally rubbed elbows with him. Although he never got his books signed he got a personal photo with him. When Mr. Gaiman arrived on the scene a huge number of people started snapping pictures, and started to crowd the area. Camy and Azrael arrives and got to snap photos as well. During the last two days he had readings from his upcoming book ANANSI BOYS (if the spelling was correct). But this time he had a hand on question and answer between the crowd. After that the book signing had begun.

Camy's Art that she gave to Mr. Gaiman

The downside hysteria...

There where quite a lot of people from the previous book signing who already had there chance to get there stuff signed. Unfortunately these "Lazy Bones" came and was prioritize. We thought they would abolish these pink, blue, and green stubs from previous book signings, but just like the Philippine government politics has had its way.

For the longest time...

Ariel and I stayed up until 8:35PM. Camy has left and the rest of Artists' Den as well. There where people still standing in line but the crowd was no longer that plenty. Azrael texted me that Neil Gaiman stayed until everyone was accommodated. He's such a gentleman that gave me the inspiration to help others. It was just like yesterday's hysteria when a girl from Pampanga almost cried until I came and sacrificed my other book to be signed. She was Robyn Mirasol and I got her contact number.

Endcap... To the Endless writer.

Rubbing elbows with Mr. Gaiman...

In the end I became an instant fan of Neil Gaiman. I didn't thought about having my stuff signed except for one piece of book for someone. It was a rare experience rubbing elbows with the man in black... Twice.

More people at the line...

I got home at 9:05PM. I was half a sleep and awake at the same time watching Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. I got up to my room by 10:35PM and changed clothes. I had my dinner and slept at exact 11PM. I woke up relaxed and happy at the same time by 10AM, and the original blog for this story was erased when power went down. I remained shell shock and saw Neil Gaiman's journal. He's on his way to Melbourne and he answered my question... He wants to comeback.

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