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07.10.2005 - The first day was the high point of the event and I was late. I didn't listen to Azrael, that he can get me inside the tent without lining up. I guess he was pretty thrilled about having a personal photo with Neil Gaiman.

Well its a Saturday and I'm pretty much beat up from work, and I was having a hard time getting up from my bed. I left the house as early as 3pm and I was on my way. While traveling I receive a text message from Azrael, that he already just left the venue. How unfortunate of me to have a very bad timing. I guess I should have listened.

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When I got to Rockwell Tent the place is packed with fans, and estimate head count was three thousand people. Let me get say that again... THREE THOUSAND PEOPLE?! You gotta be kidding?

It goes to show you that there's a lot of Neil Gaiman fans at the venue, and I never thought that there would be less. But I have assumed too much about the fans when I got there. People from different place came. There where celebrities and other people you don't normally see in the daylight. People dressed up as the characters from his books that sort of thing.

It was late in the afternoon of 4PM that I have arrive from that place, and Henry De Dios was the only volunteer I personally knew besides Ricky Sunico (the guy mistaken as the bouncer of the event). So there I was in utter confusion, and I really felt way out of my league.

Henry was in his usual "volunteer mode" and I cant believe how lucky this guy became one of the volunteers. I've been a fan of Mr. Gaiman but not that too familiar with his works. Mostly all the stuff I know is he wrote a lot of children books, and made the comic book known as Sandman as his breakthrough project way back sometime in 1987 or 1988. I started to pick up his material when Death: The High Cost of Living came out in the original comic book format.

Going back it was a very disappointing day for me. I never thought I'll be going to work in my usual glum, but I already planned ahead to go today. Which its the 2nd day. So once Mr. Gaiman arrived I stayed for a few minutes, and left to meet Azrael with his lady love Lace in Glorietta.

When I was leaving the venue a huge screaming crowd kept on cheering Neil Gaiman, and I was on my way to Edsa where I took the bus. I still kept on hearing the people at the tent as I go farther away from that place. It was a very lively venue, that I'm surely going to regret for not staying. What should I do? I have work yesterday and I really can't stay.

I finally reached Glorietta and had the chance to meet with Azrael and Lace. It was a pretty rough and disappointing trip, but I'm not going down without these two books unsigned. There's two more days and I'm crossing toes, that I get things right today... A Sunday.

I hope.

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