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05.24.2005 - The heart stopping last day of this years New Worlds came to a close with the spectacular screening of Star Wars: Episode III, which was an awesome joy ride going to the dark side. Though this year was indoors compared to last year, which was uber cool at Rockwell.

Though this was eventually more fun hanging out at The Matrix booth, and meeting new faces for this year. I actually had fun knocking heads with fellow Trekkies, and Star Wars fans. I stayed briefly since I had to hurry back to RCBC Plaza to meet up with my co-workers.

I was wearing the Star trek Enterprise overalls, which I borrowed from a friend. Mine was gone along with my other Trek stuff last year. Anyways there's more for you to see...

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What without a Sci-Fi & Fantasy convention if you haven't seen all the displays and those eye catching props. Well your in luck after I went back to cover the rest of the event...

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