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02.07.2018 – “Man of the Woods” the latest album from Justin Timberlake introduced the single “Filthy” followed by “Supplies” and now its “Say Something”, which is one of the best songs that is heavily played on radio.

The songs features a collaboration with country singer Chris Stapleton who also performs with JT in the music video released several weeks ago. During post-Super Bowl celebration JT and Stapleton performs “Say Something” Live!

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There’s slight variation of beats and tunes on “Say Something”, that sounded better on its original music video that certainly differs from the one that was released in the “Man of the Woods” album. Though the music video was impressive as the same with its visuals that takes you to a big hall with JT mixing the opening part of the song as you can see below:

The live performance in the Tonight’s Show withy Jimmy Fallon, which was aired live in Minneapolis Minnesota after the Super Bowl celebration as well as the successful half time performance of Justine Timberlake he performs “Say Something” live with Chris Stapleton in front of live audience that gives you a combination of the one from the music video and from the album. Though live performance can be a challenge the opening remix sequence was not included.

They performed it straight forward as JT and Stapleton both on acoustic guitars its one of the main highlight of the show before closing. JT did also performed “Supplies”, but “Say Something” literally sticks to be the best in the album.

Impressive tandem with Chris Stapleton, “Say Something” has certainly become a personal favourite. Though there’s also “Man of the Woods” the title track of the album this live version of “Say Something” is going to make it to the radio charts now that it’s being played along with the other three songs.

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