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12.29.2017 – Dodge one of America’s iconic car manufacturer popularly known to produce well known cars like the Charger or Viper. The company originally known to produce cars, sedans land utility service vehicles like trucks and vans.

Matchbox has produced some of Dodge’s iconic cars and trucks, but their take on the A100 pick truck has been one of its popular die-cast vehicles and for the 2015 mainline series it comes in new colors as a Firestone service truck!

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The Dodge A100 is a cab over van and was also produced as a pickup truck. It competes with Ford Econoline and Chevrolet Van and Chevy Corvair Greenbrier, as well as the Volkswagen Type 2. The range included a pickup truck and van, both with a "forward control" design.

From a far you’d mistaken the pickup variant to have a vaguely similar shape look of the Volkswagen Type 2 Comby van. But a closer look its entirely a different vehicle that Dodge produced from 1964 to 1970.

Firestone A100 Pickup

This is not the first time the A100 Pickup was produced by Matchbox currently have a total of seven iterations since being introduced in the mainline in 2013. So far the A100 was not available for the 2017 mainline, but probably in the immediate future you’ll probably see it back with new colors and graphics.

For the 2015 edition of the Dodge A100 pickup it comes in red metal body and black plastic chassis with a popular branded tampo featuring the Firestone font and iconic tire logo as a service vehicle for this company. IF you have missed the previous release it’s the same casting based from the 1966 Dodge A100 pickup truck.

Reliable Retro Truck

In some countries, it’s possible that there are still old but well-maintained classic 1966 Dodge A100 pick up trucks out there. Just like its other counterparts from that particular era its styling and appearance makes this one of those iconic service vehicles that was not popular in other countries.

But if you’re into classic vehicles from the time of its popularity in America you won’t pass up collecting this casting. Definitely, you’d pick up this version as the only Dodge A100 pick up for 2015 that has a licensed logo of Firestone. Surely, in the next iteration you might see another one with a different brand as its graphics.

Overall the 1966 Dodge A100 pickup truck is one classic icon from the company that brought you muscle and super cars. But what makes this an interesting vehicle away from those fast cars is the retro vibe that gives you a second look with its detailed casting and having a licensed company as its graphics is something pick up, no pun intended here.

“1966 Dodge A100 Pickup” is numbered 16 0f 120 die-cast cars released for Matchbox in 2015 and it was acquired at The Reject Shop in Rundle Mall for $2.00 AUD (originaly retailed in other stores at $3.00 AUD) or PhP 80.00 in Philippine Peso. Matchbox is distributed and sold in the Philippines by Richprime Global Inc now retailed at PhP 119.75 pesos!

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