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06.20.2011 - This Toy Con 2011 we not only get to see some interesting exhibits from local toy groups at the Gallery or slashed down prices at the Dealer's area. There where some notable sneak previews that we get to see like Secret Fresh giving us a first look at Topsy Turvy Croc by Amanda Visell, which will be released on July 1, 2011 going $350 US Dollars.

This green croc that has a girl on its mouth had attracted some of the local vinyl collectors in the country. Amanda Visell's awesome work shows some intricate detail, and color line of the bright green croc. As well as the girl on its jaw, that had a vibrant and fresh art.

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Secret Fresh also had some exhibits from previous artist who had lauched their own toys a couple months back. You can see JP Cuison's Cyborg Rizal, Christian Tamandong's Palley Pal, Whoopi Wonka's Mr. Brain Freeze, and Nemo Aguila's Bochog Manster on display at their booth.

They also have the usual vinyl toys on display at the Secret Fresh booth. Some interesting finds that are affordable in price you'll find it there. If your getting yourself immersed in the pop culture art and the colorful vinly toys, Secret Fresh provides you some interesting stuff to start your own collection.

If you never had the chance to drop by their booth during the recent convention check out their store at the Ronac Art Center located past the Greenhills Shopping Center.

You'll see more cooler stuff and check more for latest updates LIKE and check their Official Facebook Page!

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